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What is Latex?

Environmentally friendly
Latex is an environmentally friendly biodegradable natural product derived from a rubber tree - the hevea brasiliensis. Once extracted and processed to make a foam is poured onto a mould to create a mattress base. Therefore a latex mattress contains no spring system, is similar to foam beds, but natural.

The natural foam latex contains no toxic substances or any man made chemicals - including no petroleum based chemicals, no formaldehydes, no benzene, no fire retardant chemicals, and emits neither fumes nor ozone.

Latex characteristics and properties
-naturally hypoallergenic,
-mold resistant
-mildew resistant.
-dust mite resistant
-never creates dust or fluff
-free from toxins, formaldehyde, pesticides, VOC off-gassing, and chemicals
-No static build up.
-No synthetic materials
-Free from toxins, formaldehyde, pesticides, VOC off-gassing, and chemicals.
-life expectancy of over 20 years without undue deterioration.
-Humidity changes do not cause any damage to the mattress

Hypoallergenic nature
Due to its hypoallergenic nature, latex is the perfect mattress material and recommended for those with allergies, eczemas, hey fever, asthma and respiratory problems

Durability and resilience
It is the most durable cushioning material available (3-4 times as durable as polyurethane foams Bacteriostatic) and very resilient therefore the need to turn it over is avoided.

Latex cell structure
The latex cell structure contains millions of interconnecting cells which provide self-ventilation with every movement you make.The cells let out the hot air and moisture transmitted from the body and take in fresh air from the surroundings thus body perspiration is quickly dissipated and passed out of the mattress, keeping the user in luxurious comfort.

The unique pattern of 350 small pin hole cavitations per square foot on both sides makes the hardness characteristics of the mattress isotropic, therefore ensuring that the surface is uniform and provides maximum comfort.

Thermal Properties
Latex's thermal properties are truly outstanding. Its superior cell structure gives it maximum breath-ability, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.



Natural Latex extraction
from Hevea Brasiliensis

Latex foam
moulded into a mattress

Latex mattress
pin hole cavitations