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Spring vs Latex

Hypoallergenic nature
Due to its hypoallergenic nature, Latex is the perfect mattress material and recommended for those with allergies, eczemas, hey fever, asthma and respiratory problems. Spring mattresses and foam beds contain materials with chemical compositions that are intolerable by such individuals.

Superior support
A spring mattress pushes up to support your body. Latex mattress dynamically conforms to you, offers a natural alignment of the spine,supporting the shoulder and hip area, without pushing against pressure points therefore providing superior support. They feel denser while helping to relieve the pressure points of the body.

Evenly distributed body pressure
On a latex mattress you'll notice that your body pressure is evenly distributed to the natural contour of the body, allowing deeper, more restful undisturbed sleep. No more aching back caused by insufficient support, no more aches and pains caused by inadequate relief.

Tossing and turning
As pressure is is more evenly distributed on a latex mattress, pressure on pivotal areas on the body is reduced thus preventing circulation cut-offs. Circulation cut-offs normally couse an interruption normal sleep by inducing tossing and turning.

Luxurious comfort
Its superior cell structure gives it maximum breath-ability, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Body perspiration is quickly dissipated and passed out of the mattress, keeping the user in luxurious comfort.

Noise & Disturbance
Natural Latex Foam Mattresses unlike Spring Mattresses do not make noise when moving in sleep or couse any disturbance to the sleeping partner.

Retains shape - Resilience
Unlike a spring mattress, a latex mattress retains its shape and does not sag or deform. No need to turn over through out the life of the mattress.When you move in the bed, you don't feel lumps as it comes back to it's original shape quickly.

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress, creates body impression in the mattress taking a while before it goes back to shape. Customers describe sleeping on a foam mattress as "sleeping on jello" and "quicksand" as it feels very lumpy.

Best choice for someone with a partner that moves around too much
Latex is extraordinarily resilient, recovers quickly and dampens the movements without disturbing the sleeping partner . Its inherent resilience cannot be matched by synthetic versions. Concerned with movement of the mattress by a partner? Take a look at our Four-in-One or our Modular Mattress