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The Modular system mattresses is an exclusive innovative patented design only available at Rockdale Mattress Factory. Its main feature is the ability to tailor the firmness and feel at each specific contour of your body. It consists of Interchangeable Latex and Spring modules which can be replaced and adjusted. They can either all be uniform or mixed and matched.

Read more and vote for this innovative product at the Australian Design Awards.

Unique modular system
Interchangeable Latex & Spring modules
Delivering ultimate comfort, flexibility & durability



2x Natural Latex, firmness density: (soft) 75kg/m³
2 Bonell spring unit, 2 x85kg/m³
2x Pocket spring units 52% Cotton, 48% Polyester
Polyester Cover quilted with 100% Australian wool
Foam & Natural Latex layers



Directions and options:

Modules are removed or replaced by unzipping the side heavy duty zipper along the side of the mattress and lifting the top off
Each side of a two people sleeping mattress (such as queen, double or a king) can have its own custom made firm and feel module

Practical application of a modular system

If your preference is to sink in an ultra soft mattress in the cold winter months or to lie flat on an extra firm mattress in the hot simmer months this mattress is ideal. Just change the cells and instantaneous comfort is yours

If your new partner is not comfortable an a firm mattress but you bought a soft king size mattress, make him feel at home by changing the modules to his/her preference.

For example if you like the firm latex feel at your head and shoulders area, but prefer the feel of a soft spring feel at your hips and the soft foam at your feet, no problem the modular system mattress is your only solution.

Maybe you have a soft mattress but every time you sit on its front edges don't feel comfortable as you sink too much. Just place the firm modules at the edges and next time you sit to place your socks on you will feel much more comfortable. .

Available at all mattress sizes and materials as all our mattresses are hand made