Rockdale Mattress Factory

Does one size fit all?

As humans we all are different. Whether the category be fashion, food, furniture or homes. We have our own opinions and tastes. Therefore, how can something really be perfect for everyone. Our needs, wants and experiences will dictate our preferences and therefore we will ultimately choose what is best suited for us.

Mattresses in a box, or mattresses in a roll state that the comfort level they have will suit everybody. They are confident so much, so they offer a 100 day money back guarantee (with many conditions and a lengthy warranty clauses). Let’s just say finding one size fits all for their needs and purposes is preposterous. Firstly, many of these mattresses are made with various densities of foam, memory foam and synthetic fibres.

There are also mattresses out there use fancy gadgets to tell you what your perfect comfort level is. Only you can know if you are comfortable or not, and this is achieved mainly by spending quality time in the showroom lying down on the mattresses and testing them out for at least 30 mins each and talking to an educated sales person.