Rockdale Mattress Factory


Ergopedic ®. A term that has been created from the words ergonomic and orthopedic. Therefore, the definition of Ergopedic® to put simply, with regard to, the bedding industry refers to the support of a mattress that aligns with the body to alleviate exhaustion and assists in the support of the muscular-skeletal system during sleep.


Since 2002 Ergopedic® is synonymous with Rockdale Mattress Factory. Various innovations have been made specifically to tailor to the definition it represents. Over the years such mattress models that have been innovated include: Ergopedic® 1, Ergopedic® 2, Ergopedic® Dreamcatcher, Ergopedic® Modular- Very innovative spring and latex module system, Ergopedic® Super 6, Ergopedic® Manchester which includes Silk Quilts, Ergopedic® Pillow such as the Original Ergopedic® Quilted Crumb and the Current Ergopedic® Plus Mattress which is available online. 

Ergopedic® registered trademark of Bagi Pty Ltd.