Rockdale Mattress Factory

Importance of Natural Fibres

There are many materials that can be made to make mattresses. Most common comfort materials are regular polyurethane foam and variances of memory foam ( wet foam) and polyester. These materials are cheaper to manufacture and the turnaround in production is faster hence it being a material that is used heavily across the industry.

Over the years Rockdale Mattress Factory has listened to many customers through ongoing first-hand research and their needs were not being met. It was discovered that the body generates heat during sleep and the mattresses with majority of foam comfort layers (especially soft pillow tops) became unbearably hot as the heat is accumulated and stored between the mattress and body.

Rockdale Mattress Factory has now a wide range of mattress that using Natural Fibres in their comfort layers and quilting. The Natural Fibres we use are perforated natural latex, wool and organic cottons/tencel/bamboo. These fibres in the mattresses allow air to circulate. This ultimately provides a healthier sleeping option which is beneficial for allergy suffers.