Rockdale Mattress Factory

Importance of Ventilation

We all know the importance of air. We need it to breathe to survive. Well in fact your mattresses need this too. A ventilated mattress is a healthy mattress.

Around 40 years ago issues such as heat were not as prominent. The mattress used more natural fibres such as fibre core (coconut fibre), sisal, wool and cotton. The body heat created when slept on is penetrated within the mattresses and dispersed. Today, 80% of the modern-day mattress are made with foams on the which retain the heat produced, and sleep is disrupted and reduced.

The best analogy to understand the importance of natural fibres is simply with clothes. When one wears synthetic fibres such as polyester, one feels hot and uncomfortable. Where as natural fibres such as cotton, silk, wool; allows one to feel more pleasant and cooler especially in a humid climate.