Rockdale Mattress Factory

Mattresses the RMF way

We have an open-door policy so you can see your mattress being made. This policy provides customers the reassurance of what is inside the mattress. Buying direct from the manufacture as opposed to a department store or furniture retailers. All mattresses are exclusive to our store. People from all over Australia and the world from all walks of life come into try, educate themselves and buy our products. We specialise in double sided, ventilated mattresses made for the humid Australian climate. We constantly source the materials from across the globe to keep improving and innovating our product range.

Many people ask: How did such a small business survive, outsmart competitors and still retain a market share in such a saturated market? Its simple really…. We at RMF listen to our customers, we did first hand research closely with everyday Australians and heard their issues and took note of what they loved about their mattresses. That is why we have family generations that proudly sleep soundly on the Rockdale Mattress Factory brand.