Rockdale Mattress Factory

Not all VEGAN mattresses are created Equally

Rockdale Mattress Factory has always a collection of mattresses that were Vegan before Vegan mattresses were a thing.

We have launched a New Vegan mattress in our Heirloom Collection, in fact we now have an option to make most of our mattress models Vegan. The veganism lifestyle is more than eating a plant based diet, it refers to abstaining from anything required the exploitation of another living being which in this case refers to bedding.

Just because a mattress is Vegan doesn’t mean it has natural fibres. Unfortunately, the majority of the vegan mattresses on the market are synthetic based. This means they are made with petroleum product such as various foams, memory foam and polyester fibres.

We have developed mattresses that have plant-based fibres such as cotton and perforated latex for cushion layers so you are able to sleep healthier and minimising the amount of nasties in your mattress.

You are still able to have the trifecta features of Support, Comfort and Ventilation with the knowledge of fulfilling your vegan lifestyle, with no compromise!

For more information come instore and see our range.