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Pillow Tops- The inside scoop

The pillow top mattress trend over the past decade has been one of the fastest growing in Australia. It is not new technology or innovative as some may lead you to believe. The majority of the retailers stock predominantly pillow top mattresses and these are 2 main reasons for this:

The first being it is much easier to manufacture for comfort. There are over 40 different densities of foams that can be used to create the mattresses. Even a child in kindy can design a comfortable mattress with that much variety of synthetic polyurethane foams. Theses synthetic foams (polyurethane foam, cool gel foams, memory foams) trap the heat between the mattress and body which ultimately leads to much discomfort.

Secondly, since the mattresses will not last as long you will be required to purchase a new mattress far earlier than you would with a double-sided mattress. Great for the shops but so great for the end customer. Essentially, half of the mattress is only needed to be produced and sold at a double sided mattress price. The life span of a pillow top is essentially halved as the mattress cannot be flipped only rotated.