Rockdale Mattress Factory

Cabinet Bed- Country

    The Cabinet Bed is exclusively available in Australia at Rockdale Mattress Factory. This innovative storage solution is handcrafted in Vancouver Canada using     durable Oregon Birch Plywood.

    Why Choose the Cabinet Bed for your sleep storage solutions?

    - The Cabinet Bed takes up less than 1/3 space of a regular bed.

- It feature the industry's largest storage compartment at 59 inches, which is perfect for linen storage.

- Each Cabinet Bed is capable of support a 60" TV. Our design allows you to easily set up and put away the bed with the TV in place.

- Cabinet Beds are designed to endure the heaviest loads; which is why each Cabinet Bed is rated to support 225kgs.

- The Cabinet Bed is freestanding and does not require permanent mounting to the wall, therefore can be moved easily from room to room.

Colours Available: Shadow Black; White

The product is not available at the moment.