Rockdale Mattress Factory

Ergo Comfort® Plush

This traditional style handmade double sided mattress mattress has evolved of the decades to be one of the most popular mattresses for children, guest houses, and motorhomes. Perfect for both growing bodies and adults alike. It has everything you need soft but not too soft, a sturdy construction and ultra soft viscose fabric. 

It is coming home to sleep in pure comfort, knowing it has been professionally engineered to support your body's natural sleeping position, leaving you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized. The zoned pocketspring system maintains the natural alignment of your body and each comfort layer of hypoallergenic latex and soft soft cushioning foam lets you sink in to a quick slumber night after night.


Technology- Zoned  Pocketsprings 
Comfort Layers- Latex and Super Soft Foam
Collection- Ergo Comfort® 
Material- Natural and Synthetic  Layers
Key Features- 100% Certified Organic Cotton Knitted Fabric
Feel- Medium Soft 
Custom Options- Yes Please Inquire. 
Suitable for- Home, Child, Motorhome and Antique Beds 
Contents: Zoned Pocketsprings, Perforated Latex, Foam, Viscose Fabric Quilted with Polyester and Latex, Edge Supports.

Exclusive to Rockdale Mattress Factory.
Made in Australia

*Accessories Shown are not included. Prices are for mattress only.

Base Pictured: 3D Light Grey