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The Eurocomfort's superior dual layer support system responds to your body throughout the night regardless of your sleeping positions. The unique low profile pocketsprings and latex layer technology provide maximum ventilation for a healthy sleeping environment night and after night. The pocketsprings are  pre-stressed and zoned specifically for  the pressure points of your body. The dual layer design does not inhibit the ability for the mattress to be rotated and flipped which aids in the longevity of the mattress as well as the general wellbeing of the user. 


Technology- Zoned European Pocketsprings 

Comfort Layers- Latex

Support- Dual Layer Low Profile Pocketsprings

Collection- Spinal Design® 

Material- Natural and Ventilated Layers

Key Features- Double Sided

Feel- Medium

Custom Options- Yes Please Inquire. 

Suitable for- Home, Boat, Antique Beds and Luxury Yacht Mattresses    

Contents: Dual Layer Low Profile Pocketsprings, Perforated Latex, Organic Cotton Fabric Quilted with Australian Wool and Latex, Edge Supports.

Exclusive to Rockdale Mattress Factory.

Made in Australia

*Accessories Shown are not included. Prices are for mattress only.