Rockdale Mattress Factory

Fremantle Adjustable Base

Adjustable beds offer you unimaginable choices to have your body in perfect harmony for a perfect night’s sleep. If you suffer from stress and tension, muscle fatigue, body or back pain, sleep disorders, poor circulation, or mild sleep apnoea then this bed may be for you. Adjustable beds improve the quality of a person’s well- being and enrich lifestyle activities all due to having a deep and wonderful night’s sleep. Adjustable beds are not only for sleeping as you can watch TV, read, or even work in real comfort. There are hundreds of different positions to select for your body to choose the perfect bed position for your perfect sleep and lifestyle.

Available in Queen Size and Long Single Size ( 2x Long Singles= Split King Size) 

Discounted Sizes

  • Long Single: $1550.00 $945.00
  • Queen: $1590.00 $990.00
  • King: $3100.00 $1890.00