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Platinum Euphoria

The Platinum Euphoria is one of our most luxurious models handmade with the newest anatomic aligned spring technologies. Natural fiber layers aid in ventilation with supreme support with in-excess of 8500 springs in a Queen Size Mattress.  As you lay on the mattress you feel the mattress working for your lower and upper back and alleviating pressure points for the side sleepers. This will enable you to fall asleep and minimizing the tossing and turning throughout the night. This Australian made mattress was manufactured with the Australian climate in mind, as it boasts a wide array of sleep technologies and innovations for the most tranquil nights sleep even in the most humid environment. The Platinum Euphoria is adored by high-end interior designers as their go to model for their clients. 


Technology- Zoned Super Micro Anatomic Pocketsprings and Mini Comfort Spring

Comfort Layers- Mini Comfort Springs and Latex

Support Material- 11 Turn Pocketsprings

Collection- Spinal Design® 

Material- Natural and Ventilated Layers

Key Features- Double Sided

Feel- Soft

Spring Count- Approx. 8500 Springs in a Queen Size

Custom Options- Yes Please Inquire. 

Suitable for- Home, Boat, Antique Beds and Luxury Yacht Mattresses

Contents: Super-micro Anatomic Pocketsprings, Perforated Latex, Mini Comfort Springs, Organic Cotton Fabric Quilted with Australian Wool and Latex, Edge Supports.

Exclusive to Rockdale Mattress Factory.

Made in Australia

*Accessories Shown are not included. Prices are for mattress only.