Rockdale Mattress Factory

Platinum Medium

Enjoy a sleep like no other with the Platinum Medium Mattress. The aerating latex comfort layers provide a perfect sleeping temperature during the coldest of winters and warmest of summers naturally. The unique pocketspring technology with coils no wider than a 10cent coin in that mattress is specifically designed to form to the natural contours of your body with the added bonus of minimal partner disturbance. 


Technology- Zoned Super Micro Anatomic Pocketsprings 

Comfort Layers- Latex

Support Material- 11 Turn Pocketsprings

Collection- Spinal Design® 

Material- Natural and Ventilated Layers

Key Features- Double Sided

Feel- Medium

Custom Options- Yes Please Inquire. 

Suitable for- Home, Boat, Antique Beds and Luxury Yacht Mattresses

Contents: Super-micro Anatomic Pocketsprings, Perforated Latex, Organic Cotton Fabric Quilted with Australian Wool and Latex, Edge Supports.

Exclusive to Rockdale Mattress Factory.

Made in Australia

*Accessories Shown are not included. Prices are for mattress only.