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Spinal Design® Low Profile

The ultra modern Spinal Design® Low Profile possesses 10cm German zoned individually encapsulated springs that dynamically respond your weight and body profile as well as your partners to provide you both a supreme cooling conforming sleep while providing minimal partner disturbance through the motion separation technology. 

At 20cm in total height this mattress is double sided and has gained much popularity for marine mattresses in boats, bunk bed options for both children and adults and motorhomes. The slim line design is lighter in weight which is beneficial for ease in turning and rotating. 

The cool and ventilated sleeping environment is essential for a healthy uninterrupted nights rest, no matter whether you are home, abroad or travelling around Australia. 


Technology- Zoned German Pocketsprings 

Comfort Layers- Latex

Collection- Spinal Design® 

Material- Natural and Ventilated Layers

Support- Low Profile Pocketsprings

Key Features- Double Sided

Feel- Medium Firm

Custom Options- Yes Please Inquire. 

Suitable for- Home, Boat, Antique Beds and Luxury Yacht Mattresses    

Contents: Zoned Pocketsprings, Perforated Latex, Organic Cotton Fabric Quilted with Australian Wool and Latex, Edge Supports.

Exclusive to Rockdale Mattress Factory.

Made in Australia