Rockdale Mattress Factory

Ventilated Basinet and Cot Mattresses

Custom handmade mattresses made for  Modern and Antique Baby Basinets, Cots and Co Sleepers. 

Premium firm quality made mattresses made specially designed for a healthy sleep. 

Using the finest natural based materials with ventilation prosperities to assist with the maintaining body temperature. 

Air-circulation not only assisting with minimizing overheating during sleep, it doesn't not encourage dust mite allergen growth which make this mattress hypoallergenic that is perfect for newborns and infants. 

The mattresses are double sided so they can rotated and flipped for longevity and even wear and tear. 

Basinet Mattress Contents

Perforated Latex with Organic Cotton knitted fabric quilted to wool and perforated latex.

from $185.00

Cot Mattress

Firm low profile German pocketsprings with Organic Cotton knitted fabric quilted to wool & latex and edge supports. 

from $389.00

If the mattress is an oval, kidney or irregular shape there maybe a surcharge involved.

Basinet and Cot Mattresses are to be picked up from 56 Fairford Rd Padstow NSW 2211.

Templates are needed especially for basinets where there edges taper, angle or bevel. 

Australian Made

*Prices are available upon request. Please email or call our friendly staff for further assistance.