Rockdale Mattress Factory

RMF Top 10 Tips: A Mattress Buyers Guide

The team at Rockdale Mattress Factory are first and foremost mattress innovators. We manufacture and sell exclusively direct to the public from our warehouse. Over the past 4 decades mattresses have evolved dramatically with many trends fading in and out. The following are our top to 10 for mattress shopping: 

 1.If you are going to sleep on the mattress you need to try it. It is very difficult to buy a mattress over the phone/online/or even for someone else. Whoever will be sleeping on the mattress must try it. Children, teenagers, young adults and adults have a preference. Especially couples, both people need to be happy with the mattress, this process may be a tedious one although it is worth the investigation as sleep is important for health and vitality. 

 2.Allow Time Allow yourself time to lie down on the mattress for at least half hour on each. This will help narrow down the process. Shop during the week, as usually is not as busy as the weekend. Therefore, the process of testing is less disrupted. 

 3.Wear comfortable clothing Many people do not sleep in jeans. We recommend wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable, so you can replicate the comfort you will feel at home. 

 4.Provide the sales person with your requirements The three most important factors to consider are comfort/support, natural fibres and ventilation! The purpose or usage of the mattress is very important. For example: Will the mattress be slept on every day?, Will the mattress be only needed for a short amount of time?, Is the mattress for a spare room/ child/ couple/heavy persons. This information as well as a budget will assist the sales person in guiding you to the best options to suit you. 

 5.Listen to your body As you are lying down on the mattress, take time and listen to your body. Let the sales person know if the mattress is too hard or soft. Let the sales team know your thoughts so that we can narrow down the possibilities. 

 6.Made in Australia Republic of Padstow Supporting local/small business in Australia has benefits for the community. Many of the customers prefer mattresses that are made in Australia. Our mattresses made onsite in Australia, this provides consumer confidence and the ability to customise models so suit. 

 7.Bring your pillow. Your pillow is just as important as your mattress. The positioning of the neck during sleep is a major factor of how well you sleep. If your pillow at home is your favourite, then bring it when you try the mattresses out. This done to make sure the mattress and pillow work for as one for support and comfort. Alternatively, at Rockdale Mattress Factory we have pillows as well. Once your mattress is chosen, ask the friendly staff about the pillows we have on offer. 

 8.Don’t feel pressured You should not feel pressured to buy the mattress that day, have the option of coming back and try the mattress again on another day. This will give you peace of mind that the mattress you have chosen is right for you. 

 9.Buy mattress to suit the Australian climate The Australian climate is quite humid throughout the year. Throughout several years of first hand mattress research and talking to customers; we discovered that many people were hot during their sleep. The heat became an issue when sleep was disrupted. The innovators at Rockdale Mattress Factory seized this opportunity to create mattresses with air circulation. These ventilated mattresses, as we call them, are designed using natural fibres and pocket springs for luxury and support. 

 10.Size really does matter when it comes to mattresses Usually mattress that are top of the range are quite deep. So much so that custom sheets are needed to fit them specially. Visually this grandness portrays luxury, indulgence and exclusivity. Although the fact of the matter is, to make the mattresses thicker excessive layers of padding are used. Typically, these comfort layers are of several densities of foam and/or latex. The drawback with these foam layers is rapid rate of body indentation and subsequently the heat trapped between the mattress and the person lying on it. Therefore, many people nowadays are steering away from pillow top mattresses and seeking double sided ventilated mattresses. The springs in the ventilated mattress are what provide the substantial support and a quality layer of latex to effectively cushion your pressure points, so you feel energized after sleeping throughout the night.