Rockdale Mattress Factory

So what does the Boss sleep on?

One of the most popular questions asked! Nick was born in a very small village in Macedonia. Life was very different over 60 years ago where luxurious were very few and far in-between. From birth to 5 years old a bed handmade rug woven from goats hair was his bed. At 5 years old hid family made a new bed from straw which lasts till about 15 years of age.

Nick migrated to Australia as teenager and his first ‘proper’ bed was an innerspring mattress with coconut fibre and cotton second hand from the Smith Family in Tempe with a Chrome steel bed frame.

Learning about springs was revolutionary and a new world to him and there was no issue with heat to the mattress, due to the natural fibres.

Now over 60 years later Nick proudly sleeps on a mattress designed by himself using the best technologies that mattress world has to offer. Nick sleeps in a ventilated mattress with 3 zoned pocket springs, perforated latex, organic cotton and wool.

The uniqueness of natural fibres is still very much a driving force for the products that are produced at Rockdale Mattress Factory, and with his personal knowledge and innovative interest we will continue to manufacture natural, ventilated and supportive mattresses in all shapes and sizes.